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coremicro® AHRS/INS/GPS Integration Unit:

Product Summary:
The coremicro AHRS/INS/GPS Integration Unit provides INS, AHRS and GPS/INS integration and facilitates current widely appealing commercial applications for consumer, recreational, educational, and entertainment markets. It is an AGNC navigation product aimed at many consumer applications, such as, for car or snowmobile positioning. The product's typical applications include:

1. Personnel and Flight, Marine and Ground Vehicles Navigation, Communication and Tracking
  — Non-GPS Navigation
  — Enhanced IMU/GPS Mapping and Navigation
  — Navigation for Water and Land Vehicles
  — Railroad Navigation

 Personnel Tracking
Air Vehicle applications
Marine Vehicle applications
Ground Vehicles Navigations, Communication and Tracking

2. Unmanned and Manned Vehicles Guidance, Navigation and Control
  — Navigation
  — Guidance
  — Flight Control
  — Autopilot
  — Motion Sensing
  — Surveillance
  — Autonomous Navigation, Guidance and Control

UAV Applications

3. Pointing and Stabilization
  — Antennas for wireless communication systems
  — Radar beams
  — Laser beam, laser pointing systems
  — Measurement devices for land surveying
  — Optical pointing camera
  — Optical communication devices
  — Telescopic systems
  — Imaging systems

Pointing and Stabilization

4. Robotic Control
  — Precision Operational Control of Automated Machines

 Robotic Control Applications

5. Consumer Electronics Systems
  — Educational positioning system
  — Commercial vehicle trajectory recording
  — Hobbyist activity
  — Data acquisition
  — Driver behavior studies
  — Car automatic control studies
  — Vehicle safety applications
  — Travel route planning for transportation vehicles
  — Nature exploration
  — Recreational & entertainment activities such as hiking and mountaineering

The coremicro AHRS/INS/GPS Integration Unit uses a GPS receiver, coremicro IMU, as well as a processor module with embedded software. The coremicro AHRS/INS/GPS Integration Unit provides interface to facilitate input/output to a PC for demonstration display. The connection to a PC permits the display of position time histories for information, study and general education purposes, as shown in the Figure.

The coremicro AHRS/INS/GPS Integration Unit combines AGNC's MEMS IMU and possibly the robust complementary service of DGPS corrections from the FAA WAAS DGPS systems to provide unprecedented accuracy performance for a wide variety of precise navigation and positioning applications. Detail characteristics see the System Characteristics below.

System Characteristics:

  • 12-channel GPS receiver
  • DGPS-Ready Unit:
    — Incorporates RF signals from WAAS (Wide Area Augmentation   System) to provide differential positioning solution.
  • Supply Voltage: 8 to 16 VDC
  • Weight: 6oz.
  • Dimensions: 2.6"W x 2.8"L x 1.5"H
  • Volume: 10.9 cubic inches
  • Operating Temperature: -40 degrees C to +70 degrees C.
  • User Interface:
    Convenient user interface for user's test, demonstration, and applications.
    — RS-232

    Output Data Stream:
    — 3 angular rate and 3 acceleration (specific force)
    — 3 position (latitude, longitude, and altitude)
    — 3 velocity components (north, east, and down)
    — 3 attitudes (pitch, roll, and heading)

    Position Accuracy:
    — About 3 meters (within the coverage of WAAS service)

    Velocity Accuracy:
    — About 0.2 meter/second

    Data Acquisition (Optional):
    — Data logging and display are available by using AGNC developed software.
    — Unit's size remains small.


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