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Coremicro Robust Kalman Filter

This product was developed from the technologies of the following awarded US Patents: 6,408,245; 7,376,262; 6,510,354 and 6,757,569

Product Summary:
The coremicro Robust Kalman Filter is a product derived from the AGNC product line of the AGNC-coremicro-UNCU Universal Navigation and Control Unit™. It is designed to provide outstanding performance for estimation and filtering of data sets and associated variables. The UNCU technology provides a fast, high development level computing platform with flexible interface for the coremicro Robust Kalman Filter. A typical RKF application system comprises a set of sensor or database derived input data, an RKF unit, and host computer/application facilities, as shown in the following figure. The data are sent to the RKF. The processed data are sent to the host computer/application facilities through a USB (Universal Serial Bus). The host computer communicates with the RKF through a bi-directional USB link. The USB link in the RKF is configured as a USB peripheral controller. The RKF can be used, for example, to provide state estimates related to the particular application or to accurately estimate variables, such as, position and velocity for trajectory reconstruction. It finds wide applications in many fields, such as:
• Object tracking and pointing.
• Vehicle/spacecraft guidance, navigation and control.
• Formation flying Control.
• The RKF is ideal for data filtering or pre-filtering applications.
• Machine vision.
• Autonomous vehicle/UAV.

You can also purchase the software module only
without the hardware unit.
Advanced Features of the RKF Core:
• Generic hybrid formulation ---a nonlinear continuous-time system model with nonlinear discrete-time measurements sampled at adaptively spanned intervals.
• Factorized implementation.
• Custom model input interface.
• No system discretization is involved. Integration for the time update.
• Measurements are not necessarily taken at equally spaced sample times.
• When no measurement is available, only the time update is performed to produce an optimal prediction. Adaptive stepsize.

• Linear and Nonlinear state models.
• Linear and Nonlinear measurement models
• Customer specific algorithms.

RKF -Host Data Link Features:
• High speed data transmission (up to 8Mbps).
• Bi-directional communication.
• User friendly.
• Plug-and-Play interface.
User Interface Functions:
• Selection of algorithm.
• Reconfiguration of algorithm parameters.
• GUI interface.
• Interactive command.
• Graphical results and analysis presentation.

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