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4D GIS Virtual Reality for Controlling, Monitoring and Prediction of Manned/
Unmanned Systems

Coremicro® 4D GIS

This product was developed from the technologies of the following awarded US Patents: US 6,415,227 B1, US 6,622,090 B2 and US 7,143,130 B2, etc.

Product Summary:
The coremicro 4D GIS system is an integrated system which brings together the various components, subsystems within the AGNC coremicro product line. It provides the user GIS based, three- dimensional virtual/augmented reality interfaces for controlling, monitoring and prediction of manned/unmanned systems.

• IP-based Network Communication
Ethernet based communication system for logistic and location information exchange between the 4D GIS nodes and the manned/unmanned vehicles. Real time video server enhancing situational awareness.
• Logistic Planning and Task Assignments
Automated task assignments, route planning for various mission scenarios.
• Asset/Environment Monitoring and Management
Real time tracking and monitoring of vehicle assets and mission status. Multi-layer database with efficient data fusion algorithms that identify attributes associated with vehicles assets, tasks requirements, GIS terrain and obstacles.
• Predictive data mining
Based on established database and various pattern features, identifies possible bottlenecks, and failures before status reaches urgent. Handles different events with various priorities in a queuing system.

• Ground Sea, and Air Freight Services
Real-time tracking and monitoring of vehicles globally, shipment routing/re-routing. shipment time estimation, routing center status, weather conditions, emergency information.
• Emergency Responder
Coordination and tracking of various emergency response agencies, fire trucks, police vehicles, paramedics, other personnel.
• Network Centric System
Network centric coordination, mission planning for surveillance, multi-UAV/UGV task assignments.

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