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coremicro® Reconfigurable Embedded-Smart Sensor Node


Pressure Sensor and Fluid Sensor

This ultra low power, miniaturized (down to 1.7"x1.7"x 1.1"), and multi-functional Smart Sensor provides high performance functions with (i) robust data acquisition, (ii) IEEE 1451 software stack (standard communication protocol, fault detection awareness, and TEDS management); (iii) flexible on-board communications (I2C, UART, IrDA, SPI, and RS232); and (iv) wireless communications (Zigbee). Main features and smart node specifications as well as a list of supported IEEE 1451 commands are listed in the tables below. Building on the baseline features, the CRE-SSN can be customized (optional) for hosting embedded intelligent functions such as:

  • Health monitoring by processing signals from the attached transducers (single unit or suites) and feeding pattern recognition software
  • Valid data generation by sensor self-diagnostics
  • Calibration
  • Self-identification

Designed for Operating Within the IEEE 1451 Standard

RISC (16 bits) with Hardware Multiplier
Immunity to power voltage changes
Internal modules are designed to operate properly within an input voltage ranging from 1.8 to 3.6v
4 MHz (up to 16)
Program Memory
116 KB + 256B Flash Memory
8 KB
2, three outputs available for PWM control and event period measurement
Standard Ports
JTAG and RS-232 (2 row connector)
3 configurable sources: (a) AC/DC (12v); (b) battery; and (c) customizable source
Up to 200 Ksps, 7 channels, programmable S&H timing, and 4 core configurable sampling modes
1.7 x 1.7 x 1.1 " (approximately w/o casing)
Available in the Expansion Connector and Expansion Board
Digital Input/Output
16 interfacing signals (GPIO, ADC-channels, timer, communications)
12-bit (up to 7 external channels)
Standard Communications
USC1 allows UART, IrDA, and SPI communications. UCB0 for I2C interface
CRE-SSN - Main Specifications

WTIWTIM or TCh StateM or TCh State DDot0 Commandot0 Command
WTIM active
TCh in any state
Query TEDS
Read TEDS segment
Write TEDS segment
Update TEDS
Run Self-Test
Write Service request mask
Read Service request mask
Read Status-event register
Read Status-condition register
Clear status-event register
Write status-event protocol state
TCh in Idle State
AddressGroup definition
Sampling Mode
Calibrate Transducer Channel
TCh in Operating State
Read TransducerChannel data-set segment
Write TransducerChannel data-set segment
Trigger command
TCh either Idle or Operating state
TransducerChannel Operate
TransducerChannel Idle
Write TransducerChannel Trigger State
WTIM Sleep
WTIM Active State
Read TIM version
WTIM Sleep
Read Dot0 version
Any State
Supported IEEE 1451 Commands

The CRE-SSN is a low cost product that can be used as a smart sensor testing node with advanced & embedded processing, flexible communication modules, and low power consumption. An MMI provides a fast way to set up networks of CRE-SSNs, but also an available Application Programming Interface (API) allows custom software design. Sensor suites are customizable for containing up to 5 different types of sensors per module. Within the IEEE 1451 framework, the Zigbee baseline communication module can be replaced for other types, including IEEE 802.11.x and Bluetooth (under request). Systems can be deployed in a modular way (rail mounting) by stacking several modules along with a power module (that serves several nodes). For distributed configurations, each CRE-SSN requires a complementary power module for standalone operation. The CRE-SSN enables customization and flexibility to configure the module with required sensor suites (selected according to the application when placing the order).

CRE-SSN Block Diagram


Baseline Modular Enclosure Dimensions

Systems can be implemented by CRE-SSN networks with new transducers but also existing sensors can be retrofitted with this node for enhancing system capabilities. Available options include vibration and general purpose transducers.



Structural Health Monitoring Vibration Transducer Options:

coremicro® Reconfigurable Embedded - Smart Sensor Node for Vibration Measurement (CRE-SSNF) For extracting vibration information two baseline transducer types are available providing Structural Health Monitoring capability. Rugged accelerometers allow monitoring machinery (such as motors and pumps) vibration levels and track vibration signatures associated with specific events (failures) during operational conditions. PZT elements can be bonded to structure surfaces to measure strain and vibration.

General Purpose Transducer Options:

To provide tracking capability of physical parameters in a monitoring system (such as Condition Base Maintenance and Health Monitoring type systems) general purpose transducers are available to obtain single measurement or measurement sets (by configuration of sensor suites). Available options are:

  • coremicro® Reconfigurable Embedded - Smart Sensor Node for Flow Measurement (CRE-SSNF) based on a hall effect sensor that delivers a square signal, used for measuring rate flows for a low cost and ultra low power solution.
  • coremicro® Reconfigurable Embedded - Smart Sensor Node for Temperature Measurement (CRE-SSNTRTD1) baseline is based on accurate RTD sensors. Combined with embedded calibration functions and TEDS the CRE-SSNTRTD1 is a product that can be used with advanced Condition Base Maintenance and provides the same functionality even with CBM software updates. Customizable for other operational ranges and requirements.
  • coremicro® Reconfigurable Embedded - Smart Sensor Node for Pressure Measurement (CRE-SSNP-1) baseline pressure sensor provides a range of 500 psig with an output signal between 0.5 to 4.5. It requires a supply current with a maximum value of 15 mA. The sensor is designed for a pressure overload of two times the normal range (minimum) with an output load of 1 MO. Customizable for other operational ranges and requirements.

Custom Sensors:

AGNC provides diversified design services to meet specific requirements in advanced applications. Custom design services are also provided. Please contact us for more information.

Systems Health-Monitoring Design Services

Network of CRE-SSNs enable distributed hardware platforms, which can be complemented with AGNC's software toolsets for a fully intelligent system suitable in high performance health monitoring applications. Advanced analysis tools include: Optimized Neuro Genetic Fast Estimator (ONGFE) for designing Artificial Neural Networks; Real-Time Kernels for feature extraction (time and frequency domain as well as wavelet analysis); and custom GUIs for complete system visualization and analysis. This full set of capabilities has been demonstrated successfully in NASA and DoD applications.

CRE-SSN Brochure

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