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coremicro® Palm Navigator Product Series

These products were developed from the technologies of the following awarded US Patents: 6,157,891; 6,167,347; 6,246,960; 6,278,945; 6,292,750; 6,311,129; 6,311,555; 6,393,292; 6,408,245; 6,415,223; 6,415,227; 6,424,914; 6,427,122; 6,427,131; 6,449,559; 6,456,939; 6,459,990; 6,473,713; 6,477,465; 6,480,152; 6,494,093; 6,496,778; 6,508,122; 6,516,272; 6,516,283; 6,522,992; 6,611,170; 6,622,090; 6,651,027; 6,658,354; 6,671,622; 6,671,648; 6,697,736; 6,697,758; 6,704,574; 6,725,173; 6,738,714; 6,792,353; 6,795,772; 6,868,421; 6,879,875; 7,143,130; 7,162,367 and 7,409,290

The coremicro® Palm Navigator product series is a family of advanced navigation/location tracking and communications devices based on the coremicro AHRS/INS/GPS Integration Unit.
This coremicro Palm Navigator system which provides position and motion information uses the coremicro IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) and other sensors for interruption-free, highly accurate real time tracking regardless of GPS reception. Using the integrated multiple navigation sensors, it achieves better reliability, all weather coverage, and enhanced survivability to provide continuous and accurate navigation/location information in a variety of environments. The coremicro Palm Navigator system provides precise interruption-free position for multiple platforms communications, tracking and decision aids system for personnel, robots, manned/unmanned ground vehicles (UGV), unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and other combat platforms, in complicated environments and terrain where the GPS signals are obscured.
This innovative device can work in either the GPS/IMU Integration Mode or Aided INS Mode, depending on the availability and quality of GPS signals. Therefore, it is capable of providing continuous accurate navigation/location tracking in open air, heavy forest canopy, urbanized terrain and indoor environment.

Operating Mode for coremicro Palm Navigator 2, 3 and 4

  • GPS/IMU Integration Mode: When GPS signals are available, the coremicro Palm Navigator operates in the GPS/IMU integration mode. In this mode, GPS determines the tracking accuracy, while the navigation sensors are self calibrated and compensated.
  • Aided INS Mode: When an individual proceeds into a heavy forest canopy, narrow streets with tall buildings, or a building, where the GPS signals are blocked, the coremicro Palm Navigator operates in the aided INS integration mode.

User Interface: RS-232, USB, and RF data link.

Advanced digital signal processing, multi-sensor data fusion, filtering, system integration, intelligent control and monitor technologies are employed to achieve high system performance to supply the functions for sensor signal reception/processing, navigation data acquisition and processing, data processing and filtering, and networking.
The coremicro Palm Navigator architecture is not a closed system. It is modularized and open to other systems to create a rapid prototyping environment for implementing and exploring a variety of guidance, navigation, and control and communications (GNCC) integration techniques.
By providing position data to the central station the coremicro Palm Navigator shows where on the floor plan the Robots/Ground Vehicles/Airplanes/personnel are. Its application achieves the Wireless Wide Area Networked Precision Geolocation System for the generic multi-agent high-performance real-time Decision Aids System. In applications where GPS loss is intolerable, this coremicro Palm Navigator can be used to reliably track individual users. It can be utilized for personal navigation as well as miscellaneous GNCC applications and is ideal for navigation in metropolitan areas, where GPS is intermittent or altogether unavailable. For indoor tracking it does not require a priori knowledge of the facility, does not need to be part of a building's infrastructure and can be set up quickly. These features make the system particularly useful for urban settings, tracking firefighters, patients, personnel, emergency responders, etc. The central/master station can be connected to a laptop or desktop PC to display a graphical view of the relative locations and status of mobile and reference nodes. Repeater reference coremicro Palm Navigators are placed as needed to dynamically expand the coverage area. These assist in relaying information between the mobile and master station nodes. Mobile units are equipped with devices, such as, Personal Digital Assistants (PDA) type to show a map of relative mobile, master station and reference node positions.

Available Palm Navigator products include:

coremicro Palm Navigator1 AGNC-coremicro-PN1
coremicro Palm Navigator2 AGNC-coremicro-PN2
coremicro Palm Navigator3 AGNC-coremicro-PN3
coremicro Palm Navigator4 AGNC-coremicro-PN4

See Palm Navigator Product Chart (PDF) for comparison of different Palm Navigator products.

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