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coremicro® Pointing and Stabilization Mechanism

coremicro AHRS/INS/GPS Integration Unit, embedded
GSA Contract Number: GS-24F-0014K SIN No. 602-22

This product was developed from the technologies of the following awarded US Patents: 6,205,400; 6,311,555; 6,415,223; 6,427,122; 6,427,131; 6,510,354; 6,596,976; 6,757,569; 7,239,975 and 7,239,976

Product Summary:
The coremicro® PS is based on the coremicro AHRS/INS/GPS Integration Unit (UNCUN1) and provides INS, AHRS and GPS/INS integration technology which incorporates coremicro IMU angular measurements and closed loop control technologies. It stabilizes the attitude of a sensor on a platform and makes the sensor stationary with respect to inertial space or move according to the input command. The interference induced by the motion of the platform is eliminated by the stabilization mechanism. The widely appealing commercial applications of the coremicro Pointing and Stabilization Mechanism include:

— Antennas for wireless communication systems
— Radar beams
— Laser beam, laser pointing systems
— Measurement devices for land surveying
— Optical pointing cameras
— Optical communication devices
— Telescope systems
— Imaging systems

The coremicro PS receives through a signal, such as video or laser, information relating to coordinates for a desired pointing direction. The coremicro® PS, incorporating the UNCUN1, executes its functions by the following steps:
(a) identifying a desired pointing direction for a device by providing the attitude and coordinates of a target as derived by a target coordinates producer;
(b) determining the current attitude of the device through the UNCUN1 measurements;
(c) computing rotation commands by comparing, in a pointing controller, the desired pointing direction of the device and the current attitude measurements of the device;
(d) rotating the device to the desired pointing direction by use of an actuator;
(e) illustrating the target, desired pointing direction and current direction of the device; and
(f) also being capable in producing a voice message representing the pointing procedure. AGNC’s 4D GIS Virtual Reality for Controlling, Monitoring and Prediction of Manned/Unmanned Systems product can be used as an optional data acquisition/display.

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